I had a really good date last night. I came home and I was bouncing off the walls and really jittery and happy and I couldn't sleep. I hate the 1st/2nd date thing because I'm never sure how he feels about me, but I love finding out. I've basically been like "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" since I got home last night, so I thank you if you had to put up with that. This was with the grandson of my middle school namesake, by the way. So yeah, I'm all bouncy and giggly and happy.

P.S. We went out to Venitian Night last night, where they decorate the boats according to some theme. Last night's theme was rock 'n roll. I saw a Yellow Submarine boat and I had about 10 seconds of fangirl stupor because it rocked so hard. I wish I had had a camera.


     Kristin and I got an apartment together so we could carpool to work more easily. There was a family of opossum who got into the apartment and pooped all over.


So last night I went out with this guy, and it turned out that his grandpa is the guy they named my middle school for. Weird!


Music nerd joke:
A C, an E-flat, and a G go into a bar. The bartender says they can't serve minors. The E-flat leaves, and the C and a G share a fifth between them.

     Talia's mom gave me a quiz full of very obscure music facts. I had to go to the library, and I had one hour to answer 25 questions.


     I got into the car of a guy at work. He wasn't in it yet; I was waiting for him. The engine was off, and I was just messing around and I put it in reverse. The car started to back up at like 30 mph, and I couldn't stop it. It went over curbs and stuff. The car finally stopped when I hit a bigass curb. A towtruck had to come. I got a bill that included a $5000 charge for towing and a $750 charge for new parts. Everyone was pissed except, oddly, the guy who owns the car. I was just in shock because I had no idea how I would pay for it.


I went to Borders tonight, because I had nothing else to do. There was this cute guy working there, and I occupied myself in the store for an hour while I worked up the nerve to talk to him. You can guess what happened: I bought a crapload of stuff but did not talk to him. Awesome. And now I'm really bummed out. What the hell is this? Why does this whole boy thing keep bothering me? And why can't I just work up the nerve to talk to one sometime?

Today there was a wedding in the Chapel. One of the groomsmen was quite attractive, in a dorky way, which I love. I walked by, and on my way home I was filled with a tremendous amount of regret. I started to consider turning around and going back. Then I thought I should go home, do up my hair, change clothes, and go back and just kind of nonchalantly get him to notice me. This was really bothering me. I felt like I missed the biggest opportunity of my life with this guy. And I know I'm being totally stupid--it was just some random guy who happened to catch my eye, and I know nothing about him, and I don't need him. But I still feel like I made a big mistake and I don't want to miss out on this. Why am I like this about boys? Pretty much every 3rd boy on the street who's roughly my age feels like he could be the one, and I'm doing myself a humongous disservice by not talking to them. Arg. I don't want to be like this. I don't want to be so boy-crazy. Blah.


I had a lot of little things today that I was going to blog about, but then I realized it would just be a laundry list of today's activities. And my minute-to-minute life interests no one. But I still feel like I should blog something. And then it occurred to me that I named my blog freakin Prolix but none of my entries is ever very long; in fact, they've been getting shorter on average as I go on. Am I unconsciously catering to the products of our more-now-faster society? That would be so pathetic if I was. I have a zillion thoughts racing through my head any given minute, and I limit myself to only blogging a couple sentences per day about trivial crap. Is it the trivial crap that I do that defines me in cyberspace, or is it what goes on in my head? Do I even want to share what goes on in my head? More on this below...

I'm reading You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers. I have 50 pages left, and I really should finish it tonight. For most of the book, I had this romantic notion (romantic as in idealized and adventurous, and I suppose romantic as in love) that my worth would be validated if someone like Will (the main character) fell in love with me. I thought he was the type of the person who could love everything more intensely than everyone else, and understood everything on a deeper level, and thus I would have proof that I was a wonderful magical complex person by virtue of earning his love. And then I realized that Will probably isn't the most mentally stable person, and he's sinking deeper and deeper every second. But then I started thinking that the thoughts he has aren't all that different from the thoughts that occupy me. Now I'm wondering if everybody thinks like this all the time. Is Will crazy? Am I crazy? Are we both? Is everyone? I decided that I must know, but I don't know how to go about finding out. I really like Dave Eggers. Really, really like. He has such a knack for examining the human spirit, noticing the small things that define us, and he's able to replicate them exactly. I'm continually amazed at how very real everything is. I want to be able to write like Dave Eggers, but I know I never will. If someone as attentive and wise as he were to find me worthwhile and loveable and intelligent, I know I would be happy.

Rob wants to know how Chipotle went. I got the steak tacos (like I always do), and they were really spicy. They're normally spicy, but I couldn't even finish them this time because they were so spicy.

Today when I was driving home, I was frustrated that everyone was driving so slow and it was taking us forever to get anywhere. I looked down and saw that I was going 60. It felt like I was hardly moving at all. Metaphor?

     Something bad happened to my sister, but since she's in Texas (for real), I couldn't get to her.
     One of Allie's friends wanted to take me to a Valentine's Day party, and I was weirded out and confused and excited and frustrated all at the same time. Mostly I was frustrated because I was having hair issues and my hair consequently looked like crap.


My dad's going to Milwaukee tonight for an interview tomorrow. This means he probably won't be home for dinner tonight. This means that we're getting Chipotle. This means that my mom is way fucking excited about Chipotle. Like she's seriously really really excited. It's cute.


Dude. Why does everyone else's life seem more exciting and fun than mine? I sit at home. And knit. And get excited about yarn. While other people go on trips and party it up and meet new people and have exciting stories to tell. I lead a pretty pathetic existence. Awesome.

And I waited too long and now tickets for Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright are sold out. Fuck me.


This came in the mail for me today. It's pretty. Pretty orange! But seriously, it is very nice for being orange. I thought it was more of a pink-orange color. That's how the picture on the website showed up on my monitor. But oh well. I'm going to start Butterfly as soon as I wind all this yarn into balls. It smells like sheep and dye. I mean, what else did I expect it to smell like? But it does smell pretty terrible.

My dream last night was a huge mishmash of like random 2-second ideas, so I won't bother trying to give any logical sense of order or reason to it. But I do know this: I was using a Mac. And Talia made me go buy some new music.


I just found an awesome deal at YakPak.com. You pay $15 and they send you 2 random pairs of shoes in your size. I ordered a pair and hopefully they will arrive sometime this week! (It's for women's shoes only.)

That last post was my 200th. Rock on, Kerry! Rock on.

I have a new design, obviously. This one is simpler and easier on the eyes. Not cluttered. I don't care if you think it sucks, cause it took me an hour and a half to knit that, so I'm keeping it up for that reason alone. At least for a week or two. I should probably have centered the image around the side borders of the knitting, but apathy was calling so I didn't.

This was my first fairisle project, by the way. Can you tell?

Another note on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:
Did anyone else think Violet Beauregard's mom looked like a coked-up Jessica Simpson? Hahaha, silly question, of course everyone thought so. Awesome. P.S. The girl who played Violet played Samantha Parkington in the Samantha holiday movie. Weird. Ha! And Mr. Bucket played Wolodarsky in The Life Aquatic!


The shitty design is only temporary. I started on a new design, decided I didn't like it, then started on a different one, and decided I didn't like that one either. I hope to get a new one up soon.

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight. I was mega disappointed. Some parts were funny, but for the most part it was just disappointing. Way too mainstream for me. Dear Johnny Depp: Wonka should be creepy, not cute 'n cuddly teehee! I still stand by my choice of Christopher Walken for the perfect Wonka. Scriptwriter-guy: too many pop culture jokes. Probably the one good thing about this movie is that it makes me want to read the book again. Oh, and the Charlie kid was adorable, no two ways about it. I was worried he'd be irritating, but he wasn't. He was successfully cute. The other child actors were shitty actors as most child actors are. They all recite the lines in such a trite way; you can tell exactly where they'll place the accents, and exactly how they'll inflect each sentence. Meh.

     I was hand-picked by Mick Jagger as someone to interview him. I didn't really know what to ask, but I think I did okay. I got a text message from Paul Simon asking me what's up, and I replied that I was busy talking to Mick just then.
     Then I saw Rob laying down on the street, looking into a gutter. I asked him what he was doing, and he shushed me and said that you could see Mordor through the gate. We'd have to be quiet so the Nazgul and their Fell Beasts wouldn't sense us. He looked very nervous.


For the record, my hair looked mega cute today. Mega. The cutest it's looked in a long time. Too bad there were no hit-on-worthy guys today.

     I drove to Milwaukee. I went to a pharmacy there, because my ear/nose/throat doctor had prescribed a special brand of lollipop for my heartburn. There was this lady about to enter the pharmacy, and this lady annoyed everyone. They closed up the pharmacy and pretended like they weren't there until she left. We were all watching through the Venetian blinds that closed up the pharmacy windows, and 1965-era Ringo came and was trying to hit on Annoying Lady. We were all cheering for Ringo because we wanted the lady to leave with him. I think they finally did leave together.


     This lady was putting together a stage play of Taxi, and she wanted me to play Latka. I went to thrift shops, trying to find a white jumpsuit.
     Then I was playing an orchestra concert, and Aerosmith totally crashed the stage and started playing. Their amps blew out, so members of the orchestra started playing the guitar parts and crap. It was cool.


Update on coffeeshop guy:
I went there to get a fuzzy navel smoothie (which, by the way, was excellent), and he was working there. But he didn't look as cute. I think I need to look at a guy a couple different times to determine whether I'm attracted to him or not. Anyway, this guy was talking to the other barista, and he mentioned that he's gay. Heh, oh well.

The A/C is broken. It was so hard to sleep last night. I had two fans going. I'm so exhausted now. I hope the guy comes today to fix it. Nap in T minus 9 hours.

I need a new blog design. I'm tired of this one. I'll try to make one up tonight. I'm also trying really hard to finish the one-button cardigan (at the very top of the page) so I can start the dress called "Butterfly" (also the very first thing pictured).


I just learned this: The Beatles did the "ooh la la" part on the Stones' "She's a Rainbow". It always sounded so much like them, and now I know why. What a great song.

     Steve called and left a message on my phone. I told Andy, and we had a good laugh over that one, because we assumed Steve wanted to make up with me, when he hasn't even talked to me in like 2 months.

     Andy was like, "You'll enjoy this," and then took me to a room with workout equipment. He was really tall and his head was rather tiny. [This is my second Andy/workout dream. I guess my unconscious mind thinks that he thinks I really like exercising. Or that I need to exercise, hehe.]
     Then Andy and I were talking online, and he started asking me my opinions on black people. It was later revealed that he was black.

I had Colin Hay and Howie Day confused for the past few weeks. Previously I knew the difference, but then I decided to become IGNORANT.


Random guy update #2 (sidenote: dear hormones, STOP! Love, Kerry)
Last Friday evening I went to Borders, because what else is there to do? And I saw a guy who I thought was attractive in a quirky way, that quirk being that he dressed in all the weirdo clothes from Hot Topic. But he was still cute. So I planned to go back and start up a conversation with him about piercings (because I want to find a good parlor to go to in town) and then that would work up to me asking him to get a cup of coffee. I went there tonight, and he was there, but he didn't look as good tonight. Which was just as well, cause I couldn't work up the nerve to even ask him about piercings in a benign, platonic way. Because I'm awesome like that. If you have a Y chromosome, chances are I'm scared of you.

Drinking + knitting = knitting takes for-fucking-ever. Yeah. Probably won't do this again.

This is so depressing. I went out to get coffee with my dad, and the guy behind the counter was my age and really really cute, and I wish I had the confidence to talk to him and maybe get a date for this weekend. And now I'm really bummed out that I couldn't. That's the depressing part: that I'm thinking so much about this. I wish I had self-esteem and could make random conversation so that I wouldn't have to sit at home alone or go out with my parents every weekend. Ugh. I did kind of sort of know one of the girls working there too, so maybe I'll be like, "Who's that guy? And is he single?" Although that would be depressing and almost stalker-ish. Maybe I'll just start going there more often and hope that I run into him again. Jeez, he was cute. Jeez, I'm a loser.


I love this forever and ever. I remember seeing the chart on Craftster somewhere, but then it got taken down. It must have been because this pattern was to be published! And now I must make myself an Obey Giant scarf and wear it everywhere.

     I was taking a bus trip somewhere, and I left my duffel bag on the bus on the way home. It had my only set of clothes, plus my keys and stuff. I got back to the dorm and I was only wearing a towel. I couldn't get into my room to get more clothes, so I went to Rob's. He was packing all his stuff away, and his parents were there. I asked if I could get a ride home with them, but his mom was like, "I don't give rides to people who are dressed indecently." So I was stuck at the dorm.
     Then, at Naper Settlement, for one of their July enhancements, they wanted to show sleeping through the ages, or something dumb like that. My mom volunteered me to dress up, come in, lie down on a picnic table and pretend I was sleeping, just so the visitors could be like, "Ooooh, this is how they slept in the Victorian Era."
[Although I suppose if you want to make this dream truly historically acurate, if I were portraying sleeping during the Victorian Era, I'd have to be sitting up.]


So on Thursday, to make a bad day even worse, my keyboard stopped working. I called Toshiba and they're like, "We'll have someone local call you tomorrow." So the guy calls on Friday and is like, "Yeah the soonest we can do anything is Wednesday." So I'm like, awesome, I'm out a computer for a week, when just two weeks ago I had similar problems. Thank goodness I bought that next-day on-site warranty, cause I'm using the hell out of it. This will be the third time my computer has to be serviced since February. I'm testing it out right now to see if it'll eventually go wonky. Let's hope it doesn't.