I was taking a bus trip somewhere, and I left my duffel bag on the bus on the way home. It had my only set of clothes, plus my keys and stuff. I got back to the dorm and I was only wearing a towel. I couldn't get into my room to get more clothes, so I went to Rob's. He was packing all his stuff away, and his parents were there. I asked if I could get a ride home with them, but his mom was like, "I don't give rides to people who are dressed indecently." So I was stuck at the dorm.
     Then, at Naper Settlement, for one of their July enhancements, they wanted to show sleeping through the ages, or something dumb like that. My mom volunteered me to dress up, come in, lie down on a picnic table and pretend I was sleeping, just so the visitors could be like, "Ooooh, this is how they slept in the Victorian Era."
[Although I suppose if you want to make this dream truly historically acurate, if I were portraying sleeping during the Victorian Era, I'd have to be sitting up.]

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