Songs of the moment:

Poupée de cire, poupée de son - France Gall
Columbia is Bleeding - Nellie McKay
Danny Boy - Rufus Wainwright
Feel Good by Numbers - The Go! Team
Lost Love - The Children's Hour
The Beat Goes On - The Buddy Rich Big Band
After the Curtain - Beirut


Yes, rat poison and Earth Day. They go hand in hand. This ad comes from a 1971 Life magazine. I don't remember seeing this ad but I did see the in-store display. I took all of the decals from the store display and pasted them all over my bike. It looked....real crappy. So I pulled them off a day later.

Mark Frauenfelder writes a post that I actually enjoyed reading. Way to go, Mark. This puts you like 8000 steps ahead of Cory and Xeni.


The cutest thing ever: France Gall, Poupée de cire, poupée de son. And her name is France Gall (Gaul), which is awesome. It's like in Closely Watched Trains how the lady's name was Viktoria Freie.

ETA: Gall and Gaul are not pronounced similarly in French. I should really know better.


Me: I'm so cute and drunk.
Erin: You should go back to [our high school], because everyone there thinks the same thing about themselves.


My sister is the best

[smugly] "We're Ukranian. [points to Mom] You're not."

"Kerry, you're the weirdest girl ever. I'm glad you're my sister."

P.S. When did my blog turn into my own personal little "Overheard in"?


The roof of my mouth itches and it is hell.

And thus recommences blogging to put off writing a paper.

Song of the moment:

The Magic Numbers - This is a Song

This is one of those incredibly sweet and pretty songs, the type you hear on a commercial for Volkswagen, and you make a mental note to find out who it is and buy their album, but then at the same time you hate yourself for being introduced to music by Volkswagen. And besides, the song is already ruined before you even had a chance to fall in love with it, because every time you hear it you think of quirky yet mute 30somethings driving around in their Golf.

Luckily I found this song before it appeared in any commercial.

It's my new ringtone, which might be just as disgustingly commercial as falling in love with a song from an ad, but at this point I'm in need of absolutely anything that will cheer me up. This song works. (Temporarily.)


Me: My homework is to find a Victor Hugo quote.
Aleksy: ...Yeah, I feel like I'm not getting challenged enough either.

Alex: Look! British schoolboys!
Me: Hehehehehehe.
Alex: I knew you'd like it.