Crazy week.

I worked 40 hours during the textbook rush. It was insanely busy. At one point there was a line stretching halfway down the block of people waiting to get inside the store. My body wasn't used to retail, so my back, feet, and legs ached for a few days.

Then I had insane PMS symptoms, the likes of which I'd never experienced before. I bloated so much that it looked like I was at least 3 months pregnant.

Then I've had to deal with kidney stone issues for the past week and a half. I went to the so-called 24-hour pharmacy to get a prescription filled (standing in line with Mr. Jimmy...), but the actual pharmacy part closed at 6. I'm too lazy/tired/in pain to drive the 4 miles to another pharmacy, so it looks like I'll be waiting until 10am tomorrow. Turns out the chorus is pretty apt, right?


car damage

Yeah. No fun.


In the past month my muscles have been twitching a lot--mostly in my legs, but recently spreading to my face and ribs. It's really irritating and I don't know why it's happening. It happens constantly. My legs have started spasming uncontrollably at night, to the point where I'll basically kick myself awake. Ugh.

ETA: I've tried Dial-a-Nurse four times now, and each time it hangs up on me before I can talk to anyone. It's supposed to be a 24-hour service.

Dakota Fanning and I are the same height, even though we're 10 years apart.


I'm not saying she's a grave digger, but rigor mortis makes my cock bigger.

Yeah, I'm not above making lame year-old references.


Thanks to colored pencils and Photoshop, I now have a much-needed header for my knitblog. Check it out. I'm not 100% happy with it, but 1.) anything beats what I had before (a straight-out-of-the-box Blogger template), and 2.) I was tired of messing around in Photoshop.

My next project is a new header for this blog, in a similar minimalist style.

ETA: When I change the dimensions of my browser window, the main part overlaps the illustration. That always happens and I hate it. Ugh...time to scour the internet to find a solution.

EAgainTA: I figured it out. You use position:absolute. It works with FF, Opera, Safari, and IE 4+. Hooray for me. This will definitely be handy for the future.

Looks like my pessimistic optimism works.

In other news, I brushed my teeth three times this morning because I kept forgetting I already had done so.

Current Aural Obsessions

  • You're With Me - Marit Bergman (I definitely listened to this one 17 times last week.)
  • Transdermal Celebration - Ween
  • Rains in Asia - Jump Little Children

Other Things No One Cares About

  • I'm growing my nails out for the first time ever. I haven't ever been able to because of piano or violin, but now that I'm a lazy bum I figure I can have pretty, feminine hands. I never realized the sheer amount of junk that gets caught under there.
  • I've been obsessive about making thematic playlists.


Things that make me happy at 2:45 am:
Marit Bergman's "You're With Me" synchs up nearly perfectly with the latter portion of Audrey Hepburn's dance sequence in Funny Face. The only problem is that the song is longer than the dance sequence. Regardless, I plan on watching it 400 more times before going to bed.

Edit: It also synchs up with the dance sequence from Bande a part.


2007 has started out with a meh.