It doesn't even feel like Christmas. I only opened one present (a klezmer CD--only in my family...) and then my dad and I ate dinner alone together because my mom and brother had a fight and ran upstairs to slam their respective doors. It was 45 degrees here. My sister's in Chicago. Sigh. I want a real Christmas.


Blogging and watching The Price is Right in the university airport: awesome.

After years of being tantalized by ads for Sonic Drive-Thru, I finally found one in my area.

Now The Young and the Restless is on TV. Decidedly less awesome.

So yes. The semester is over. I handed in my thesis, and I'm not happy with how it turned out, but...I'm so burned out. I need sleep. I need sleep and not to think about things that require my brain. But guess who needs to apply to grad school?!?!??!??!???!?!?!!!!?!??!??? Ugh. I hate everything.

I leave for the airport in 90 minutes. Then: a week in Seattle. As with my previous week in Seattle, I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I just need some time where I don't have to even get out of bed until 3pm if I don't want to (that's 1pm local time. Sigh.)


I swear, between PMS and finals fortnight (my finals went on much longer than a week...), I must have gained 10 lbs.

Guess who's blogging so she doesn't have to work on her thesis...

I'm positive I'm the only student on campus still doing homework. To console myself, I got Chinese food (sesame chicken!) and a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, and I've been listening to "All I Want for Christmas is You" and "Do They Know It's Christmas" on repeat.

Yeah, this was pretty much the worst week ever to have PMS.


What a great time to get cramps!

Me, three minutes ago: Hm, I just put my contacts in, but I can't see very well out of them. Weird.

Me, one minute ago: Why am I still wearing my glasses? I meant to put my contacts in. Oh well.

Me, just now: Why am I wearing both my contacts and glasses at the same time??

I hate everything. But especially you. But especially everything.

Yes, this terrible end-of-semester madness has driven me to being passive-aggressive. Deal with it. You know you're passive-aggressive too.


me: what's a noun for unite?
me: not like unity
me: but the act of uniting
me: like if unition existed, it'd be that
Jason: Union?
me: thank you
Jason: Go to bed. You're not on full strength.

I think the thing that has kept me sane during the past two weeks has been the people who let me whine to them constantly. Dear people (you know who you are): THANK YOU.

Now I'm going to go back to work so I can get a 4.0 this semester (HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA shut up it's a possibility).


Update on the 20-page research paper:

"This is an excellent paper, extremely well researched, well documented, and well written. A+ for the paper; A for the course. Congratulations."


Oh man. The last 9 hours have been...interesting. I thought my 20-page research paper was due on Tuesday instead of Monday because I can't read. Last night at 11 pm I look at the syllabus to see how he wanted us to do a bibliography; that's when I noticed the due date was earlier that day (he wanted the papers turned in before 1:30 pm). Immediately I started to feel sick. I still had to get a book from the library in order to cite page numbers (long story), and the circulation desk had just closed. I e-mailed my professor and explained, and I started accepting the fact that I'd be penalized for handing in my paper a day late. I was really nervous because this paper is 60% of our grade. I felt really sick--my stomach started hurting really bad, and I just felt crushed in general. Sigh. Yesterday was a terrible enough day without this.

Anyway, I just got an e-mail back from my professor saying he wouldn't penalize me, so I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. I certainly feel like an idiot, but at least he recognizes that I was just being an idiot* and not a weasel (i.e. trying to have an extra day to work).

*Um, true story: just now I typed internet instead of idiot. Yep, I really am an idiot.


Is it possible for me to complete a 20-25-page research paper in just over 3 days? It looks like it so far... Wish me luck, but it will be a token wish of superfluous benefit, for I am amazing!