Don't you just hate morning talk show hosts? You're hungover, you feel like crap, and they're bubbly, they're up at 6 am. I just want to shoot them. I'm sure we've all internalized the--what's that city in Colorado? Columbine.--the Columbine fantasy. For me it would either be child stars or morning talk show hosts. I just want to mow them down, you know? Forgive me my perversity.

(about a film clip) This is the delirium that accompanies ODing. I'm sure some of you know what that feels like.

Those were both said by one of my professors, whose class I only go to anymore to hear the wonderful things he comes up with.

An anecdote:
For over a week now I've been getting voicemails from this guy who yells at someone named Anna for not showing up wherever. The first several times, I didn't pick up because I screen my calls. Later, when I started recognizing the number, I'd unfortunately miss his calls because I was in the bathroom, in class, sleeping, whatever. He called this morning and told Anna that her cell phone was shit. I called back and I got his voicemail (he's a whiny, nasal guy named Brian, and he's kind of an asshole, actually). I left a message telling him that he's been calling me (and I reiterated my number), not Anna, and the way he could tell this is because my voicemail says, "This is Kerry's cell phone." I asked him to check with Anna and start calling her phone, because we'd all be a lot happier then. I was firm and a little condescending (if you repeatedly call a cell phone where the voicemail identifies it as belonging to someone else, but you leave the message for your person anyway, you can't be too bright), but generally polite. If he calls again, I figure I can lay into him.



This is what I had waiting outside my door this morning:

Autumn leaf cookies: my mom's specialty. I look forward to these every year. Don't worry, there are plenty more...

Skeleton doll! Made from a toddler's sock. It's fantastic!

His cheesy grin:

Plus pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, candy corn, and caramel apple pops! And a card with a megacute picture of a puppy!


Things that happened today:
1. I almost didn't go to class this morning. I shut off my alarm and went back to sleep, but the garbage truck woke me again at 8:10, so I decided to just go.
2. I bought coffee from a vending machine. The cup didn't go down all the way, so all of the coffee it poured was wasted and I had to buy another cup.
3. I watched Eva Wants to Sleep and I was annoyed by its cop-out ending.
4. I burned my leg on the radiator. One time I burned my butt on a radiator in someone's bathroom.
5. My mom called to tell me that she shipped some stuff next-day air to me. Pumpkin bread and autumn leaf cookies!


Talia got a haircut and now I think our hair is the same length. That freaks me out for some reason.


I've been listening to John Vanderslice's album Cellar Door (lyrics here) pretty much nonstop for the past 8 hours. I figured out almost immediately that "Promising Actress" was about the film Mulholland Dr. and "When it Hits my Blood" was about Requiem for a Dream, and then it dawned on me: the album title makes me think of Donnie Darko more than anything else, so my guess was that all the songs were based off of films. "Pale Horse" has some pretty strong ties to Battleship Potemkin, especially the part that goes "rise like lions after a slumber", which matches the stone lions montage.

According to one review, only "Promising Actress" and "When it Hits my Blood" are based off films. However, the "Pale Horse"/Potemkin thing is pretty convincing. I can't make any other connections, but then again I just haven't seen that many films. Can anyone else think of anything?

I saw The Science of Sleep again. This time I remembered a pen so I could take notes (last time I just sat with the notebook in my lap like an idiot). I'd like to share some of the notes if I could:

  • Guy next to me clapped and slapped his knee at a fart joke.
  • Girl next to me freaked out at full frontal nudity on Gael.
  • Guy next to me blows raspberries to laugh.

Talia suggested I scan in some of my notes, since they're basically illegible. I was writing in a dark movie theater while watching the screen. If my scanner ever starts working, I'll upload them.

I love Gael Garcia Bernal in this film. I didn't care for him in Y Tu Mama Tambien (or basically anything associated with that film), but he's incredibly cute/energetic/likeable/pathetic here.


Last night I had one of the most fucked-up dreams I've ever had. It was insane.

     Talia committed suicide. Everyone was crying. The orchestra dedicated their concert to her. I almost went to the Chinese buffet to "celebrate her memory", but I decided against it because it would be too painful. Then Talia came and found me and told me that it was really Allie who had killed herself. She said, "I have a copy of the suicide note. Wanna see? It's kind of emo."

Heh, a suicide note being only "kind of" emo.

I would put in some disclaimer to this post for Talia so she knows I'm not such a freak of nature, but I think she knows already that I am a freak of nature. I feel weird laughing about what a bizarre dream this was because it felt so real.


I saw The Science of Sleep. My feelings on it are hard to explain: I was very excited for it since I love Michel Gondry, but I know I am easily disappointed, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. I liked it a lot better than I had expected. I identified with Stéphane more than probably any fictional character I've ever encountered (with the possible exception of the protagonist of You Shall Know Our Velocity). Several people (including my professor) thought that Stéphane was too petulant, weak, and pathetic. I wholly disagree. Firstly, it was refreshing to me to see a character deal with stuff in a manner that isn't the "I'm too depressed and detached to even move the muscles in my face" method of acting that is all too common in films today (see the execrable Garden State). Secondly, there are times when I want to be a petulant child and cry and burn bridges and yell at people who've hurt me. Of course, I don't act like that because it's stupid and irritating, but I felt a sense of relief as I reacted vicariously through Stéphane, almost as if I had had that outburst of emotion. The actual plot events are ridiculously similar to how my life has been lately--rejected by someone whose feelings are completely ambiguous, spending a lot of time dreaming (both consciously and subconsciously). Without giving too much away, I really, really liked the ending. I was shouting in my head for the movie to end then, because I thought it was such a perfect time for it, and it did. I love Michel Gondry.

     My brother asked me to accompany him for a small jazz concert he was giving. I decided it would be funny if I cut my hair to look the same as his. I saved the long part of my hair that got cut off because I figured I could graft it on later. My sister told me this was impossible, and I was very upset when I realized it would take me over a year to grow my hair out to where it is now.