I saw The Science of Sleep. My feelings on it are hard to explain: I was very excited for it since I love Michel Gondry, but I know I am easily disappointed, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. I liked it a lot better than I had expected. I identified with Stéphane more than probably any fictional character I've ever encountered (with the possible exception of the protagonist of You Shall Know Our Velocity). Several people (including my professor) thought that Stéphane was too petulant, weak, and pathetic. I wholly disagree. Firstly, it was refreshing to me to see a character deal with stuff in a manner that isn't the "I'm too depressed and detached to even move the muscles in my face" method of acting that is all too common in films today (see the execrable Garden State). Secondly, there are times when I want to be a petulant child and cry and burn bridges and yell at people who've hurt me. Of course, I don't act like that because it's stupid and irritating, but I felt a sense of relief as I reacted vicariously through Stéphane, almost as if I had had that outburst of emotion. The actual plot events are ridiculously similar to how my life has been lately--rejected by someone whose feelings are completely ambiguous, spending a lot of time dreaming (both consciously and subconsciously). Without giving too much away, I really, really liked the ending. I was shouting in my head for the movie to end then, because I thought it was such a perfect time for it, and it did. I love Michel Gondry.

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