Last night I had one of the most fucked-up dreams I've ever had. It was insane.

     Talia committed suicide. Everyone was crying. The orchestra dedicated their concert to her. I almost went to the Chinese buffet to "celebrate her memory", but I decided against it because it would be too painful. Then Talia came and found me and told me that it was really Allie who had killed herself. She said, "I have a copy of the suicide note. Wanna see? It's kind of emo."

Heh, a suicide note being only "kind of" emo.

I would put in some disclaimer to this post for Talia so she knows I'm not such a freak of nature, but I think she knows already that I am a freak of nature. I feel weird laughing about what a bizarre dream this was because it felt so real.

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Taaalia said...

I love the Chinese buffet part.

Actually, another friend of mine had a dream I committed suicide. She was at my funeral, when apparently the Beatles appeared out of nowhere and started singing "Dear Talia" to the tune of "Dear Prudence." Apparently it looked like I was about to come back to life because of the song when she woke up.

I'm less disturbed by your dream than I ought to be. "I die?! Cool!"