I wanted to post a link to this story for the sole reason of making a Les Yeux sans visage reference.

Tonight Talia and I got comfort food in the form of Chinese buffet. And then we went and got groceries. Apparently I think I will be able to subsist on apples, tangerines, and beer. I got Corona and Michelob Amberbock, and then I got this really amazing beer from Leinenkugel: Apple Spice. It's wonderful. Leinenkugel can do no wrong in my book.

I bought the Chronicles of Narnia, and I hope to finish them before I see the movie. It's only a combined 767 pages, and come finals week I should have a lot of free time to read.


I'm sick of writing this stupid paper. So when I get tired of writing, I...write. But on the blog! It's different! But it shouldn't be. Dear self: WRITE. I have 2.5 pages done, and I promised myself that I would crap out at 4 (the assigned maximum is 6). I'm so tired. Ti-yurd.

It just occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't have spent my past 3 paychecks on that camera, and maybe I should have spent them on giftmas presents instead. Oh well. Stufffffffffff. I'll get by.

I want to climb under my warm electric blanket. I don't want to write this paper. I don't want to give this presentation. I do sort of want to watch the French version of 3 Men and a Baby in my conversation class (the French version came first, and the American version is an adaptation).


So tomorrow I have a presentation and a paper. And I have to work tonight. I realized that I never worry about finishing everything, or that it won't be good enough, or anything like that. I'm usually just upset that I have to apply my brain and spend time doing stuff. I'm lazy, dammit. I'm not especially stressed out right now; I'm pretty chill, all things considered. I do really want a nap, but that's not going to happen. I'll plan a nap for Wednesday.


In the past week, I...
-ate at Chipotle twice
-ate Jin's lunch buffet twice
-ate at Courier Cafe twice
-worked two different jobs
-deposited 3 checks
-bought a camera (this)
-bought another pair of shoes (these)
-got my mom to make me autumn leaf cookies
-and so much more.

I have three more weeks until winter break. Before I can go home, I have...
-1 quiz
-2 presentations
-4 papers
-1 take-home final
-1 oral exam
-3 finals
-countless shifts at work
-36 class sessions
-3 piano lessons


     I was taking a final for a linguistics class. The professor had made the test impossibly hard; I had only missed 1 or 2 class sessions, and I didn't know what 99% of the questions even meant. I confronted the professor in a stairwell, and it got heated, and I ended up pushing her over the edge. She died. I lied to everyone and told them that she slipped and fell. My mom called the school and let me stay home from class for a few days, as if it were high school.
     What a horrific dream.

I saw Capote tonight. He was such a two-faced, manipulative little bitch. I have no idea if he was like that in real life, but damn. It did make me want to read In Cold Blood though.

My hair has looked amazing for the past several days, but especially today.


I just applied for a summer internship at Language Stars. It's a paid internship, which is pretty cool. I really hope I get this, partly cause it would be awesome to be able to speak French all summer long, and partly cause it would mean that I wouldn't have to go back to the Settlement. I think their programs are mainly in the mornings, which means I could get another part-time job if I wanted.


I really really liked The Squid and the Whale.

My mom left a note at everyone's places saying, "Grandma Mary would like your Christmas list," and my dad left a note replying, "How would you know? You haven't even seen it :-)" He drew a smiley face.


Last night I finished Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. I'm not sure how I feel about it, or even what the point of it was. I can kind of guess at it, but it was strange. I think I'll read more stuff by him.

I started Lamb by Christopher Moore. I'm not sure how I feel about that one, either.

Last night at work, the store was busy until 5, and then probably 4 customers came in between then and 9. We had nothing to do, and for a few hours there were 4 of us in there. It was soooo crazy boring. This morning will probably be the same thing, but I'd rather have nothing to do than be crazy busy.

I get to go home today. Tonight (or sometime) I hope to see The Squid and the Whale.


     The Settlement had a program going on at UIUC where they had it be like people in the 1830s were being haunted by ghosts. Pretty much all of the juniors were in period-inappropriate clothing (because some of those junior parents are dumb as hell, no joke). A group of Hasidic Jews came to observe it. All of a sudden there was an attack from the sky, with bomber planes and stuff. The Hasidic Jews got hit, like everyone else, but they didn't die. I guess this means Hasidism is the one true religion. I had my piano lesson in Noyes Lab, and I was hoping that they had a basement where I could be safe.

Apparently my apartment thinks Talia's apartment is awesome, because it decided to be cold as well. Last night I slept with a sheet, 2 fleece blankets, a down-filled blanket, a quilt, and one of those Vellux blankets that you get in hotels. And I was still freezing. It sucked.

I have the body of an overweight 60-year-old man, because I have kidney stones, sleep apnea, and now I find out I have high cholesterol. I have to visit a dietician. High cholesterol runs in my dad's side, so maybe I'll get some Lipitor or some shit like that.



I've known for a while that I get to go home this Saturday for Thanksgiving break, but it didn't really hit me that it was so soon until I checked the little calendar that you get when you click the time in the system tray. Wow! I can't believe it's so late already. It feels like it should be teh beginning of October still. I'll be glad to go home, even though I was just home last week.

Second day of work. It was so monotonous. I hope it'll be a little better when the store opens. At least I won't have my boss and her husband there, so I can feel free to snark about the clothes. And snark about the clothes I will, because the vast majority are hideous. I would consider buying maybe 2 things in the store. This is mostly good, because then I won't end up wasting my money on clothes all the time, but on the other hand I don't want people associating me with shitty clothes. I'll take their money, though.

So after a soul-crushing day at work, and after still being bummed by "Dancer in the Dark", Talia and I went out and I got a chocolate milkshake, and then bought myself an assload of new clothes (plus some awesome argyle stockings, plus two other pairs of stockings), and then we watched "The Ring" and "Beetlejuice" and pretended it was Halloween. And ate candy. Mwah ha ha ha.

Tomorrow: Homework (although not too much) and more work (although, again, not too much (hopefully)). I hope I can sleep in tomorrow. My body has a thing about getting up early. Because it hates me.



First night of work tonight. Tagged merchandise. Kind of boring. Husband (?) of shop owner: kind of a tool. Just putting that out there for you.

Talia and I watched "Dancer in the Dark" tonight, and then we watched "Mean Girls" in an attempt to mitigate the extreme emotional response to DITD. Didn't work. For me at least. Jeez, I'm so bothered by it.


Quote of the week:
First an explanation. In my conversation class, we're watching a movie called "Les Visiteurs" where an 11th century knight and his ...guy that makes an homage to the knight (ETA: vassal!) get transported to 1992. Hilarity kind of ensues, I guess. Anyway, before they get transported, the count accidentally drinks a magic potion and starts hallucinating. The castle in front of him is changing sizes and stuff. And he says:

"Holy scrotum! It swelleth like a dick!"

This is translated from the French, of course, which makes it that much better.


Check out that dark green spot on my left hip. (My left, not your left.) That's a Ninja Turtle. Made out of sequins. I had a sequined Ninja Turtle swimsuit when I was younger. I rule. In other news, check out how adorable my siblings used to be.

I'm going back to the Settlement this winter. I thought I was done in August. You're never done with NS. I figure I might as well, since I'll be home and they pay pretty well. But ARG. Oh well. Kristin and I will be able to take margarita breaks now, which is always a plus.

I start work this Saturday. Joy of joys. I don't want to work, but I want money. And new clothes. I want free weekends. Actually, I just e-mailed my boss and asked for Friday night + Saturday morning (she's trying to develop a set schedule that would be the same every week). That way I'd have Saturday afternoon, night, and Sunday free, so I could theoretically go home for like a whole 24 hours. But it should be good. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house, and having an excuse to eat a buttload of Thai food (the restaurant is right next to my store).


I'll title this entry "Why we love Sara".

me: I'll title this: "if you want to know what this paper is about, you have two options: 1) read the prompt that you wrote, or 2) read the opening paragraph already."
Sara: I have your title
Sara: How to Wear Jewry

Later on I thought of this: "Precious Jewry: Diamonds in the Rough".


I just spent seriously 40 minutes opening and de-aril-ing a pomegranate. I had to buy it. They're such interesting-looking fruits. My mom advised against buying one, since they're a pain in the ass. I was like "like butt they are" and bought one anyway. God, was she ever right. And now that I'm eating it, it's not even good. The seeds ruin the texture. Maybe next time I'll add another 20 minutes to the prep time and put them in a blender and strain out the seeds and then mix with ice cream and a banana for a smoothie. Nah, too much work. I'll just drink the pomegranate margarita mix my mom got me for my birthday.


I saw Sideways this weekend. I had held off on seeing it because it seemed like something I wouldn't like, but it was actually pretty good.

Cassie got me the best thing ever. First of all, the envelope had stickers of man-parts: a handlebar moustache, a unibrow, a schlong in a thong (a thonged schlong?), and a breast pocket with an ink stain. Second of all, the card had a (cartoon) cameltoe as the W in "George W. Bush". I'm not doing the card justice, but it would take forever to explain it. Third of all, she got me "Commmunists against halitosis" breath spray. Check out these slogans on the package: "Get some Mao Tse Tongue!" "Improve your socialist life." "Available in one loyal flavor--RED." I almost don't want to open the packaging.


I visited the doctor today, and it sucked for so many reasons. I'm in a really bad mood now. Maybe I'll type it out later.


     My sister bought moon boots (like Napoleon Dynamite's). I asked her why, and she said they were to wear on the pool deck so some guy would like her. I laughed and she told me to shut up.
     Rob told me that Rob M. and Josh were both getting married this coming summer, and Rob M. was trying to copyright/trademark something about his ceremony. We shared a good laugh over that one.
     I told this lady her baby was cute when I didn't really think it was, but I wanted to be nice.
     I decided to study abroad in Ireland. I was going to live with this bachelor in his mid-30s, because I had selected the "home stay" option for housing. I watched some BBC.


My hair is really, really soft right now. Really. I love it. And it looks really good, too, despite the fact that I only spent 10 minutes on it today. Yay for me.

I woke up at exactly 7:45 this morning and wondered why my alarm wasn't going off, because that's when it normally goes off. I had it set for 8:45, because my first class isn't until 10 today. It's so weird how I've gotten into the groove so much that I wake up to the exact minute.

I have a presentation tomorrow, and I have to read 270 pages, but then I'm going home because I have a doctor appointment on Friday. I can't wait to go home because I miss my dog.