I just spent seriously 40 minutes opening and de-aril-ing a pomegranate. I had to buy it. They're such interesting-looking fruits. My mom advised against buying one, since they're a pain in the ass. I was like "like butt they are" and bought one anyway. God, was she ever right. And now that I'm eating it, it's not even good. The seeds ruin the texture. Maybe next time I'll add another 20 minutes to the prep time and put them in a blender and strain out the seeds and then mix with ice cream and a banana for a smoothie. Nah, too much work. I'll just drink the pomegranate margarita mix my mom got me for my birthday.


Cassandra said...

a trick to make it go faster is to get a bowel of cold water and take them out with your hands immerged cause the seeds sink and then you keep them clean at the same time, and the other insides come apart easier. the seeds can also be good frozen for up to 2 months if you want to do a bunch at one time- i am a dork for the food network

Cassandra said...

sorry i meant bowl- that would be totally different haha