I saw Sideways this weekend. I had held off on seeing it because it seemed like something I wouldn't like, but it was actually pretty good.

Cassie got me the best thing ever. First of all, the envelope had stickers of man-parts: a handlebar moustache, a unibrow, a schlong in a thong (a thonged schlong?), and a breast pocket with an ink stain. Second of all, the card had a (cartoon) cameltoe as the W in "George W. Bush". I'm not doing the card justice, but it would take forever to explain it. Third of all, she got me "Commmunists against halitosis" breath spray. Check out these slogans on the package: "Get some Mao Tse Tongue!" "Improve your socialist life." "Available in one loyal flavor--RED." I almost don't want to open the packaging.

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