Second day of work. It was so monotonous. I hope it'll be a little better when the store opens. At least I won't have my boss and her husband there, so I can feel free to snark about the clothes. And snark about the clothes I will, because the vast majority are hideous. I would consider buying maybe 2 things in the store. This is mostly good, because then I won't end up wasting my money on clothes all the time, but on the other hand I don't want people associating me with shitty clothes. I'll take their money, though.

So after a soul-crushing day at work, and after still being bummed by "Dancer in the Dark", Talia and I went out and I got a chocolate milkshake, and then bought myself an assload of new clothes (plus some awesome argyle stockings, plus two other pairs of stockings), and then we watched "The Ring" and "Beetlejuice" and pretended it was Halloween. And ate candy. Mwah ha ha ha.

Tomorrow: Homework (although not too much) and more work (although, again, not too much (hopefully)). I hope I can sleep in tomorrow. My body has a thing about getting up early. Because it hates me.


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