I've been listening to John Vanderslice's album Cellar Door (lyrics here) pretty much nonstop for the past 8 hours. I figured out almost immediately that "Promising Actress" was about the film Mulholland Dr. and "When it Hits my Blood" was about Requiem for a Dream, and then it dawned on me: the album title makes me think of Donnie Darko more than anything else, so my guess was that all the songs were based off of films. "Pale Horse" has some pretty strong ties to Battleship Potemkin, especially the part that goes "rise like lions after a slumber", which matches the stone lions montage.

According to one review, only "Promising Actress" and "When it Hits my Blood" are based off films. However, the "Pale Horse"/Potemkin thing is pretty convincing. I can't make any other connections, but then again I just haven't seen that many films. Can anyone else think of anything?

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