Oh man. The last 9 hours have been...interesting. I thought my 20-page research paper was due on Tuesday instead of Monday because I can't read. Last night at 11 pm I look at the syllabus to see how he wanted us to do a bibliography; that's when I noticed the due date was earlier that day (he wanted the papers turned in before 1:30 pm). Immediately I started to feel sick. I still had to get a book from the library in order to cite page numbers (long story), and the circulation desk had just closed. I e-mailed my professor and explained, and I started accepting the fact that I'd be penalized for handing in my paper a day late. I was really nervous because this paper is 60% of our grade. I felt really sick--my stomach started hurting really bad, and I just felt crushed in general. Sigh. Yesterday was a terrible enough day without this.

Anyway, I just got an e-mail back from my professor saying he wouldn't penalize me, so I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. I certainly feel like an idiot, but at least he recognizes that I was just being an idiot* and not a weasel (i.e. trying to have an extra day to work).

*Um, true story: just now I typed internet instead of idiot. Yep, I really am an idiot.

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