Crazy week.

I worked 40 hours during the textbook rush. It was insanely busy. At one point there was a line stretching halfway down the block of people waiting to get inside the store. My body wasn't used to retail, so my back, feet, and legs ached for a few days.

Then I had insane PMS symptoms, the likes of which I'd never experienced before. I bloated so much that it looked like I was at least 3 months pregnant.

Then I've had to deal with kidney stone issues for the past week and a half. I went to the so-called 24-hour pharmacy to get a prescription filled (standing in line with Mr. Jimmy...), but the actual pharmacy part closed at 6. I'm too lazy/tired/in pain to drive the 4 miles to another pharmacy, so it looks like I'll be waiting until 10am tomorrow. Turns out the chorus is pretty apt, right?


car damage

Yeah. No fun.

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