Update on coffeeshop guy:
I went there to get a fuzzy navel smoothie (which, by the way, was excellent), and he was working there. But he didn't look as cute. I think I need to look at a guy a couple different times to determine whether I'm attracted to him or not. Anyway, this guy was talking to the other barista, and he mentioned that he's gay. Heh, oh well.


LUVle said...

awww. everytime i see a good looking guy and find out he's gay, i say, what a waste! could've made great babies hehe

Rob said...

Like they say, "the good ones are already taken," huh? Bummer that this guy had to be taken by an entire gender, though, that's pretty tough to work around.

Kerry said...

Meh, no worries. He was just a quasi-attractive face, nothing more (to me, at least).