This is so depressing. I went out to get coffee with my dad, and the guy behind the counter was my age and really really cute, and I wish I had the confidence to talk to him and maybe get a date for this weekend. And now I'm really bummed out that I couldn't. That's the depressing part: that I'm thinking so much about this. I wish I had self-esteem and could make random conversation so that I wouldn't have to sit at home alone or go out with my parents every weekend. Ugh. I did kind of sort of know one of the girls working there too, so maybe I'll be like, "Who's that guy? And is he single?" Although that would be depressing and almost stalker-ish. Maybe I'll just start going there more often and hope that I run into him again. Jeez, he was cute. Jeez, I'm a loser.

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