I had a really good date last night. I came home and I was bouncing off the walls and really jittery and happy and I couldn't sleep. I hate the 1st/2nd date thing because I'm never sure how he feels about me, but I love finding out. I've basically been like "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" since I got home last night, so I thank you if you had to put up with that. This was with the grandson of my middle school namesake, by the way. So yeah, I'm all bouncy and giggly and happy.

P.S. We went out to Venitian Night last night, where they decorate the boats according to some theme. Last night's theme was rock 'n roll. I saw a Yellow Submarine boat and I had about 10 seconds of fangirl stupor because it rocked so hard. I wish I had had a camera.


Cassandra said...

ooo la la

Cassandra said...

those eddie izzard knits are freakin awesome!

Rob said...

Cool :-)