Random guy update #2 (sidenote: dear hormones, STOP! Love, Kerry)
Last Friday evening I went to Borders, because what else is there to do? And I saw a guy who I thought was attractive in a quirky way, that quirk being that he dressed in all the weirdo clothes from Hot Topic. But he was still cute. So I planned to go back and start up a conversation with him about piercings (because I want to find a good parlor to go to in town) and then that would work up to me asking him to get a cup of coffee. I went there tonight, and he was there, but he didn't look as good tonight. Which was just as well, cause I couldn't work up the nerve to even ask him about piercings in a benign, platonic way. Because I'm awesome like that. If you have a Y chromosome, chances are I'm scared of you.


Rob said...

Eh, I'm scared of girls, too. That's the problem, I guess. We're scared of you and you're scared of us. I personally have in the past relied upon alcohol, good old liquid courage, but it's not perfect either. The only thing to do is to overcome your fear and bite the bullet. In this case, that would mean going back and talking to Mr. Coffee Shop if he's there.

Kerry said...

The coffee shop is only a couple blocks away from the Settlement, which means I'll probably be back. I won't ever work up the nerve to talk to the guy, though. Cause I rule like that.

Rob said...

You could ask him if he could put a nip of Bailey's something in the coffee for you and try my method.