Talia signed up for one of my classes, which was odd since it was an upper-level French class taught entirely in French. On her first day, we watched a video about religious rituals in Japan, and so she thought that was awesome. I wanted to tell her that the final would be in French, and I'd help her study for it if she wanted, but would she really want to put herself through that just for a crummy grade? I wasn't sure if saying that would be insensitive. Talia also must have had Tourette's, becuause she would jump up and shout random things, like, "That's a bummer!" and "Darn him!" during class.
     Then I was in some weird band that was managed by my 6th grade teacher and a guy who was a mix of Ice-T and Randy Jackson. They had all these unrealistic expectations for us, like I should always know where my luggage is plus the luggage of everyone else in the band. We were on tour, and our bus stopped so we could eat at a restaurant. I was frustrated with it all, so I just got up and started running. The Ice-T/Randy Jackson character ran after me. I saw a street sign that said Clark, so I thought at first we were in Lincoln Park, but then I realized Clark is a long street. I climbed up on a bookstore awning, and Ice-T/Randy Jackson pulled me down. I fell, and we both rolled into the street, where cars and trucks were rushing past at 70mph. I was frozen with fear. I started clawing the air once I revived my faculty of movement. I caught Ice-T/Randy Jackson's eye with my fingernail, and he started freaking out.

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Taaalia said...

Tourette's huh. Hahahaha...aah. I like that.