Yet another song that makes me emotional: Starálfur by Sigur Rós. This is the incredibly gorgeous song that plays at the climax of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, the part where I get all teary-eyed. It wasn't on the soundtrack, and I had always wondered what it was. Now that I know, I've listened to it a million times in a row.

I watched Me and You and Everyone We Know tonight. I had seen the trailer a long time ago, but I couldn't decide if it was the sort of indie stuff that I love, or if it was a pretentious indie love story that I would hate (à la Garden State). ("The more I think about [Garden State], the more I hate it." --Talia) Roger Ebert chose it for his Overlooked Film Festival, which led me to give it a chance (also: the rental place didn't have The Crying Game, but I couldn't just walk away with only 2 movies). Anyway, I can't decide how I feel about it. I think many things were unrealistic (Christine & Richard's entire relationship, the kids' dialogue, the events during the meeting between Robby and the internet fetishist...), and Christine's art just kind of bugged me. But for some reason I still might like it. I liked the soundtrack a lot.

Talia and I were going to see Low tonight (free tickets!) but we both felt like crap so we ate Chinese food and then went to our respective homes to chill.

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