I don't run for two days, and I'm able to easily add 1 mile to my normal routine. Funny how that works.

I felt like I could have run more, but I still have to read a buttload and finish up a paper, as well as eat dinner and pack. I now know what my problem was those 500 times I resolved to run (6 years of cross country = lots of guilt): I need to RUN. I would go out maybe once or twice, decide it wasn't worth it, and then stop. I really need to continue. Here's my new secret weapon: NPR Podcasts. I used to run to music, but songs divide the time too much and don't distract me enough. If I have 50 continuous minutes of talking and jokes and narrative, then I don't think so much about running, and I just let my legs take over. It's actually quite pleasurable. I think my next step is to start buying books on iTunes. I will be the most cultured, fittest person ever!

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