Remember when I thought C+ was the worst grade I could possibly get on my Quebec lit paper? I did better than that: I got a B. Woo! He said that my thesis and my arguments were strong, but I just needed to make the paper longer. (I wrote 4.5 out of 6-7 pages, so I completely agree with him.) He also said I had a great understanding of the text, which...if I ever didn't deserve a compliment, that'd be it. I read the book at the last minute, and when I say I "read" it, I mean I read 3/4 of it.

I had such a great, relaxing weekend. I also dropped my grad-level lit class, cause let's face it, I'm stupid. I'm also somewhat stressed out. I feel like a bit of a failure, dropping the class, but...what're ya gonna do?

Time to update my knitblog and then read.

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