I have a paper due tomorrow morning at 10:30, so obviously I'm procrastinating. I have about 1.5 pages of 6-7. Whoops. The topic is basically "make up your own topic on this book". I chose something that, while not so creative, is a central theme. I still feel like I have to BS a lot of it.

Jessie and Bob order pizza for dinner like 3 times a week. I don't know their normal lunch activity, but I did see them at the food court in the Union, so I wonder if that's what they normally do. I can't help but wonder how much healthier they'd be if they replaced those pizzas with some grilled chicken and a salad.

I'm so cold I can feel the goosebumps on my scalp. And when I say I can feel them, I don't mean I can perceive a texture difference when I put my hand on my scalp; I mean that just sitting here, I can tell by the way my scalp is pulling at itself that I have goosebumps. I just drank some tea and put the thermostat on 67 (it was at 62), so we'll see if I warm up at all.

My back hurts too much to knit more than a few rows at a time. According to my schedule, I'm supposed to have the back piece of the sweater done today. It might be possible to do that if I stay up late. Which I'll inevitably end up doing, since I took a nap this afternoon (bad idea--it started out originally as me laying down to stretch out my back, and then I thought I might as well put my electric blanket over myself to warm up, and...you know how it is).

I'll be so glad to have this stupid paper done.

ETA: Still up, still working on the paper, at 3:36am. 4 pages done. Why do I do this to myself? I had a 3-day-weekend (like every weekend of mine, mwahaha)--why didn't I do this paper then? In my defense, I felt like I did a lot of homework then, and in reality, I did. I just need to plan stuff out better. I had an Americano at around 11:30, and that's kept me going for the past couple hours, but now I'm starting to crash and burn. I just need to BS some stuff so I can get a little bit of sleep before tomorrow. If I'm being completely honest, I don't think I'll get lower than a C+ on this paper, and even a C+ would be pushing it. Also, I figure as long as I write 5.5 pages, I'll be okay.

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