Knitting Olympics.

So far this weekend, I've watched La Pianiste, Jacob's Ladder, the commentary on Napoleon Dynamite, and the commentary on I Heart Huckabees. The commentary on ND was so terrible. It was basically Jared Hess saying, "This is from real life. I really went to scout camp, and we made boondoggles! It's so real." Uh, yeah. Everyone went to scout camp and made boondoggles. Boring. And the whole thing was like that.

I also watched the 2-hour finale of Arrested Development. So many good cameos--William Hung, Richard Belzer (as Munch, no less), Jeff Garlin, Ed Begley Jr., Ron Howard. It was hilarious.

Soemthing that bugs me: In Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine", she pronounces "curious" two different ways: once the normal way, and the second time she says curry-us. That bothers me.

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