Here's a much-needed reprisal of something I "borrowed" from an "acquaintance" back in my freshman year of college.


  • Blaming the majority for the sins of a minority
  • Slacker culture
  • Cheap, frat-boy beers
  • Ice cream (non-soft-serve)
  • DVD commentaries
  • Wearing sweatshirts to bed
  • Electric guitars
  • Acknowledging Valentine's day, either by buying/receiving gifts or by being bitter

  • Compassion, understanding, tolerance
  • Getting work done without complaining to anyone
  • Gourmet beer
  • Milkshakes
  • Reading
  • Electric blankets
  • String sections and vibraphones
  • Ignoring Valentine's day

Edited at 8:12pm to add the italicized items

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