Today I went to the Urbana library to get an application. I figure if I can get a job there, it would be better than working at this crappy store. The lady at the reference desk said she didn't know if they had any job openings, but that's fine. I don't need a job. It's just nice to have one.

I went into work today and after a few hours my boss told me, "You're doing a really great job today," almost condescendingly. Yesterday and today I kind of ignored her, so I think she got the point that I was upset. I can't be bought that easily, though. I'm still upset. I'm still thinking of quitting, especially if I can get this library job.

Today I had a really good sandwich. It was turkey, provolone, advocado, tomato, lettuce, and onions on pesto bread. Amazing. I might have to go back to Espresso tomorrow to see if they have more.

I got an A- in my French Civ course. I should have done better, but I was lazy.

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