It was Halloween. I put on a bikini and a grass skirt and just walked around the riverwalk by myself.
     Talia said she was going to drive to Boston.
     I saw Catherine O'Hara get stinking drunk at a bar, and I made a reference to her about
A Mighty Wind, but I did it slyly as if I didn't even know that she was in that movie.
     Johnny Depp was dressed as Willy Wonka and greeting people into a theater. Gene Wilder threw on a purple velvet coat and shouted, "The original was much better!" as he walked by. We then got word that there was a sniper in the area, and everyone expected me to give my life to protect Johnny Depp.

The mere thought of practicing Debussy is enough to make me seriously consider quitting piano lessons. I haven't even really practiced it that much, and yet it makes me hate the piano. Arg.

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