I just registered to a knitting message board so that I could give my two cents on the subject of LYS. For those not in the know (read: you're not cool), it means local yarn shop (store? not sure). And I've been to quite a few in my area, so I like to think that I am extra cool.

Talia and I went out for Chinese food tonight, which was good. And then she took me to Target and watched me eeeeeeeeeeeeeee over like one thousand things, and did it patiently even though she was tired and I was probably annoying her. Maybe she did it because she feels bad that SHE IS MISSING MY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEKEND, not that I'm bitter or anything...

< Insert smiley here. Maybe a winking one would be good. >

P.S. Winky smiley is for Talia. Cause seriously, I'm not bitter or upset or anything.

I have a job interview on Friday, so I'm freaking out about what to wear for that, since it is for a "sales associate" position at a clothing store. I bought a grey cashmere turtleneck, so maybe I will wear that. I hope jeans + nice shoes are okay, because I don't have any nice pants here at school.

I am knitting Glampyre's One Skein Wonder and I am making it long-sleeved. I had some fair isle work on one of the sleeves, but then I decided it looked too tribal-armband-tatto-ish, so I ripped back.

I skipped both of my classes today because someone was in the shower when I wanted to use it, and I would have been late.


Taaalia said...

BAH! Allow me to say it again: BAH!

I was just tired. And I DO feel bad for missing your birthday, but we will make it up in some way that is even more extravagant than Chinese (or maybe just more Chinese? That floats my boat).

the future is different than what i thought said...

Happy preemptive birthday wish to you, sis. Enjoy this birthday pre-present, a random article from Wikipedia.


the future is different than what i thought said...

I remembered the address of your blog from before when I used to blog. I think I'm going to start again, because I feel that I need to. Thanks for the random image generator. Don't die.