Here's an e-mail I just wrote to Steve of The Sneeze:

Dear Steve,

I am a faithful reader of the Sneeze. Sometimes I think I'm a little too faithful. If you've been getting 40 hits a day from the same IP address, then it's probably me. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm sure you're familiar with blogging memes--they're ubiquitous. I think blogging memes need to get back to basics. The blogging community is lacking the "What did you eat for dinner last night?" meme, "What color is your favorite t-shirt?" meme, and the "My name begins with the letter..." meme. I think you're the man to help me out with my campaign. Just think up some questions--nothing too difficult!--post them on the Sneeze with your answer, tag your favorite bloggers, and learn things you never knew about people!

What do you say?

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