"Starman" covered by Seu Jorge. Ever since the trailers for "The Life Aquatic" came out, more than anything I'd wanted to know what that song was. I couldn't find it anywhere. I got the soundtrack, hoping for it to be on there. I was disappointed that it wasn't. A couple days ago, I actually listened to the soundtrack all the way through and finally found it. Now I play it all the time. It has such an innocent feel to it.

Talia's right. This environment is so much better than last year's, because I can discover for myself new music and new artists and judge them solely how on they make me feel. With the dorms, and especially with the type of people who were in my dorm last year, you couldn't suggest any new music to anyone, because by default they had been aware of this artist since the beginning, and had already deemed them "meh" or "the most amazing band ever". Why does that matter to me, what other people thought of my new discovery? I thought it wouldn't. Maybe it was just the fact that these people (some of whom were my friends) thought I was less cool for not knowing about such-and-such whatever band in 1997. It made me want to make up band names to see if they pretended to be know-it-alls on everything just to appear cool.

New favorite song: Arm Over Denver - "Sleeping Next to You"

I slept pretty well last night, but I think I took an Ambien. I'm really groggy right now, and debated for a zillion minutes whether or not I should even go to class. I really don't want to. 5 hours in FLB with an hour for a break. Not my idea of a good time. Usually, once I'm in class, I don't mind being there. I hate getting there, and the thought of being there. How is it 8:27 already? I want to crawl back into bed and go to sleep. I can't wait until 3pm so I can do that.

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