I have 8 new freckles on my upper arm that all radiate out from a bugbite of some sort. Odd.

So earlier I took the garbage bag out of the garbage can, but I just set it next to the can because I didn't have time to take it all downstairs. Some vaguely yellowish liquid seeped out all over the kitchen floor. It smelled like dirty diapers and vinegar, and it was probably about 15 minutes before I could clean it up--the smell made me that sick to my stomach. So I Fantastiked the hell out of the kitchen and took the garbage downstairs. I also used some air freshener, but it still smells terrible. For like half a second I wondered if Jessie had a cat that she wasn't telling me about, because I've heard that cat piss is the most vile thing you'll ever smell. But she's had her door open and I haven't seen a cat wandering around or anything, plus my allergies have not been too incredibly terrible. I wonder what the hell that smell/liquid was and where it came from.

Meijer was having a sale on orange juice and raspberry lemonade, so now I have all the beverages I could ever want. It's good until the end of October, so maybe I'll save some until I can buy some vodka, and then I'll have screwdrivers galore. I love screwdrivers.

Tom will be here in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I just re-read this entry, and I use the word "so" a lot.

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Cassandra said...

oooh tommy tom tom is coming