I went to Talia's house for dinner. Their house was almost entirely underground. I even met her sister (who lives in a vortex). Erica (sister) made up a nickname for me that sounded rather babyish, like "Bibi" or something. Everyone started calling me that because Erica is very artistic (in many domains). Her mom took everyone's blood pressure in the middle of dinner, but she put the cuff around my wrist, and everyone got mad when I tried to move it. I made a joke that if Talia did such-and-such thing to annoy me, I'd cut off her hair, and she took that as serious advice that her hair would look better shorter. Her parents looked at me like I was insane, and I generally felt pretty unwelcome.
     Then I went on three blind dates, all with guys who were older and unattractive.
     Then I went back to Talia's house, and we were going to play a weird variety of poker where each person has 25 cards in his hand. I had 4 tens. Talia's grandma was supposed to be a poker pro. Talia's dad didn't look the way he normally did; he was taller and burlier. He had magical powers--he turned my 5 of spades into a pea, and then he laughed that he knew one of my cards. (Cheater.) Talia's grandpa came in from the pool, wearing a speedo, and sat down next to me. The grandpa had a 17-year-old girlfriend who rode a zebra. The zebra had striped wings and also magical powers pertaining to water. Talia and I wanted to watch
The Nightmare Before Christmas but her parents made us play poker. Then her dad got into some digression about how he never said Talia's mom was skinny, but rather he had always thought she was curvy in all the right places. Talia's mom's eyes were welling up with tears, and Talia looked at me and mouthed, "I. KNOW." and gave me a frowl.

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