I finished Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas, continuing my tradition? quest? love? of reading memoirs of people with kind of screwed-up lives. It was pretty good. I took umbrage with some of the quotes on the back, though. They were about how every mother who has a daughter should read this book, because it gives insight on the secret lives of teenaged girls everywhere. Except...I didn't like that generalization that all teenage girls have drinking problems. I know that my mom certainly wouldn't read that book and then immediately suspect me, since I've worked hard to earn her trust. But there are probably mothers out there who read the book, or skim it in a bookstore, and then immediately begin to suspect their daughters as having self-destructive lifestyles where alcohol is a huge contributor. I'd like to think that mothers across America would be more willing to trust their daughters, who they've known for umpteen years, but I know that the idea of alcohol abuse will be planted in some mothers' minds, and their daughters will have to own up to a crime they never committed. I dunno, maybe this is me being cynical again.

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