As of last week, my eyes and nose have started their annual rebellion against my face. What with the itching, and the not enough mucus, but suddenly too much mucus, and the dryness, and the frustration, and the GLAVIN! Anyone here ever rubbed your nose so hard (cause it itches) that you've given yourself a blister? A blister. Inside your nose??? Well, I have. I thought it was a cancerous growth but then I went to the doctor and he said I'm just a little too zealous with the nose-itching. But it itches, people! So I'm going through my own version of hell, where I want to claw my face off and start over with just a skull and some muscles and some saran wrap to keep it all in place. And also I want to sleep 23 hours per day, a goal that I started working toward by skipping French Civ today in favor of taking a nap. I'm going to go read some of my French Lit homework so that in the event that I poke out my eyes in frustration, I'll have it read before I have to find a Braille version of Les Femmes d'Alger dans leur appartement. (P.S. Louis Braille was French, so it would be cool to read a French book in Braille. Like how it's more pure if you read a French book in French as opposed to a translated English version, maybe Braille is more pure if it's in French. I wonder how they render the accents. There's really no need to render stuff like ê and î, stuff that doesn't change the pronunciation, but I wonder about é and è and ç and stuff. Note to self: Find out.)

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