Last night it took me a while to get to sleep, so I ended up taking a Vicodin at 3 am cause I figured that might help, and if it didn't, well, no harm done. Then I had some crazy dreams.

I saved like three toddlers from drowning, and for some reason I had stripped off all my clothes to do so. Mrs. Hornick was holding a towel around my shoulders, and then a lady (a real-life friend of Mrs. Hornick's) asked why I was naked except for a towel, and I said it was because I was a member of the Campus Nude Recreation Club, as a joke. She shrugged, said "okay...", and started putting food out for lunch.
Then I dreamt I got a call from Steve. He decided he needed to go to Nebraska to "find himself". He said he'd probably never come back to Chicago. And he needed to leave like this weekend. I wouldn't be home until the weekend after that, so I realized I wouldn't get to say goodbye to him, and I'd probably never see him again.

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