The prof for my Eastern European film class is a little old man who talks really slowly. Right now it's kind of endearing, but I'm sure in 2 weeks I'll be investigating different pain management techniques. It's a 9 am class, too, so it'll be even more painful than if we met at a normal time.

I have a 30-minute commute by bus. This morning it was extremely crowded; fortunately I was one of the earlier stops and I got a seat. I'm hoping that people just stop going to their morning classes so I don't have to avert my eyes from the weird guy's crotch that just happens to be at eye-level.

The prof for my Poe class looks like a cross between Jane Lynch and Pam from The Office. It's uncanny.

My next class isn't until 1. It's a 2-hour lecture, and I'm hoping they don't use up the entire time on the first day.

I need a nap.

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