Looking at my schedule for this semester, you wouldn't even know I'm a French major. I only have one class, my senior thesis, and that doesn't have a scheduled meeting time each week. I'm taking 2 classes in the cinema studies department and 3 in the English department. I figure I've done almost all of my required coursework, so I might as well take fun stuff. In more detail:

  • CINE 419: Russian and Eastern European Film (I'm really looking forward to this one)

  • CINE 261: Survey of World Cinema Before the Sound Era (required for minor)

  • ENGL 273: Intermediate Film Studies (required for minor)

  • ENGL 455: Major Authors - Poe (I've been trying for over a month to get into this one and then finally yesterday it worked)

  • ENGL 451: American Novel 1914-1945

  • FR 492: Senior Honors Thesis

Class starts tomorrow. I don't think I have any TAs, which is good. I was worried about taking semi-intro courses that I would get stuck with TAs, and as a senior it's weird having someone a year or two older than you acting as an authority figure (not to mention that professors are just better).

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