Tonight I saw A Prairie Home Companion. Overall I was about as disappointed as I expected. Here are my slightly scattered thoughts in bullet points. Spoilers abound.

  • I hated what they did to Guy Noir--he was a bumbling fool. There were a couple times when he was as eloquent as he was on the radio show, but his dialogue pretty much had been lifted from the radio show (the part about her skirt being so tight he could read the embroidery on her underwear seemed particularly familiar).

  • The Virginia Madsen character was ...odd. She had said that she likes making people happy and also bringing people to heaven. When you saw her (particularly at the end of the film), I guess the implication was that she was there because someone died; however, they were all laughing and having a good time, so maybe she was just there making them happy.

  • I love Lily Tomlin. I wish she were my aunt.

  • I also love Jearlyn Steele.

  • molly--single mother--couldn't see angel

  • tommy lee jones--killed--no reason
  • lindsay lohan--lyrics sheet
  • lindsay lohan--notebook--g-d

Note: I accidentally clicked "publish" instead of "save as draft". I don't know how to hide the post. Just know that I'm going to come back and elaborate upon the last bullet points.

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