The other night I stumbled upon what appears to be a cult of curly-haired people. Despite having worn my hair curly for the past 8 years, I had no idea that I was supposed to care for it differently than how one would care for straight hair. I've been inducted into a world of ritual, superstition, and science, all so that I can have pretty, bouncy curls. Shampoo is bad. Conditioner is good, but only if it has certain ingredients and lacks others. Touching hair = frizz. Plopping = good. I am a 2b/3a Botticelli PJ, modified CG as of 7/15/06, and my goals are BSL hair and a HG.

Honestly, though, I'm glad that I found the Naturally Curly message board. Looking at before and after photos, it seems the methods espoused by the book Curly Girl really work. I went to a few different stores and read every single ingredient on every single bottle of conditioner, looking for something that had the things I need and lacked the bad stuff. The conditioner I ended up going with has rosemary and oregano in it, and my hair smells like pizza. This will take some getting used to...

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