Urg. Ever have a weekend where you feel like you need another weekend right away, just to take time and recoup? That's been my weekend. Even at 2:23am on a Monday morning I still have a lot ahead of me to conquer. I have 2 big papers to complete before I can relax for a few days. One of them is due tomorrow. I have 4.5 pages out of a required 10-12. At this point I've sacrificed both quality and quantity for sanity. If I can write another 4 pages by 9am, I'll be thrilled.

All I want to do right now is crawl into my bed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Why did I choose this topic? I'm writing on Yugoslavian animation and its historical context. History doesn't interest me, and to make matters worse, Yugoslavian history is complicated.

Bah. I already can't wait until 3pm tomorrow so I can take a nap.

ETA: What the hell? I just looked at my syllabus for the class, and I had written in ~8-10 pages as the required length for this paper. I thought it was 10-12. This makes my life a little easier.

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