I picked up Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham a few weeks ago. He's the author who wrote The Hours, which I never read, so I don't know why this info matters, but there you are. Anyway, it was on sale and the description on the back interested me, so I got it. In an amazing bit of foresight, I threw it in my purse as I was calling 911 on Friday. I ended up sitting in the ER for 5 hours, so I started reading it. I'm not sure how I feel about it, and I can't even articulate what it is that's getting to me. These past few weeks have been really meh in terms of books, save the Vonnegut. I need to get to a bookstore and find some good stuff. I have plenty of unread books both at my apartment and at home, but most of them were impulse buys that just don't interest me. I might start Shopgirl, since that's pretty short.

Bah. Any suggestions?

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