My hair is curling so incredibly cutely today, since it's so humid out. I wish I had somewhere to go or someone to see me, cause seriously? It looks good. I have this perfect little corkscrew tendril that's hanging down near my eye. So cute!

My skin is starting to respond to my intensive cleansing regimen. I'm hoping it'll clear up soon.

My French film prof asked for a copy of my paper to keep on file to show future students. I'm awesome!

Today has been somewhat of a self-confidence-boosting day, it appears.

Part of my new half-assed attempt to lose weight is not to eat anything after 7:30pm. One of these days I will seriously run. I'm still dealing with energy issues, and this past week I've fallen victim to a regression of sorts. I've napped every day this week, and intense naps, too. Of course, my annual springtime insomnia is starting up again, which is making things much harder. I looked at my old Ambien bottle, and my refills expired on the 3rd. Whoops.

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