My knees are so incredibly sore, because all I do all day is sit. Gah. I'm all cramped up, and I have to continue to sit tonight to write my paper.

ETA: Plant progress

When Tom got me this flower for my birthday back in October, we had the following conversation:

me: So the instructions say to put the bulb in the fridge for 8 weeks, and then plant it, and then it'll bloom in 4-6 weeks. So... [calculates] [in a somewhat mocking tone] it'll bloom just in time for Valentine's Day! Tom, you sweetheart!
Tom: Uh, yeah... I planned it that way... on purpose... yeah.

Turns out it did bloom just in time for Valentine's Day, not that I really cared about that or anything. In true Kerry fashion, I was just happy about being right.

I'm writing my paper for my film seminar, and finding it a lot easier to analyze a film than a book. I've always known this. I'm thinking about going into French film. That'd be an interesting field.

Only this paper and 2 classes keep me from home.

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