Tom and I went to an indoor driving range today. I kind of sucked, and I also got 3 blisters and a bruise. Damn.

I also finally had a Guinness, after wanting to try it for over a year. It was pretty good--I'd definitely order it again.

I bought a Motorola RAZR this morning. My contract expired in January, so I was eligible for a phone upgrade. Tom called the wireless company last night and talked them into taking an additional $50 off the phone for me. Badass. It's thin and I love it. The only thing I don't like is the way the text messaging thing is set up. I like to do the entry method where it predicts the word as you press the keys, instead of pressing 7 four times for S. However, you need to change this setting every single time, instead of just changing it once. It also doesn't automatically add spaces in between each word like my old phone did. That's kind of sucky. Damn you, Motorola. ETA: I just figured out how to fix it.

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