My dad left for Seattle today. He'll be back for random weekends, but I pretty much won't get to see him until late July or August.

My mom took me and my sister shopping, since the bus back to school picks me up there. There was this sweater at AE that I got before Christmas and really liked, and it turned out they had a buttload of them on clearance. For SEVEN DOLLARS. So I got one in chocolate brown, my new favorite color. I also got a brown 3/4 sleeve shirt, a heathered faded red t-shirt, a heathered faded dark turquoisey blue t-shirt, and this weird black polka-dotted long-sleeve shirt. I was pleased to find that Oakbrook now has an Urban Outfitters and an Anthropologie. Although, now that I think about it, UO reminds me of The Store That Won't Be Named, except slightly less trashy. Heh.

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