There was an old C-list movie actor named Elwood Jablomey (brother of Haywood, I guess). He resented pretty much everyone, because practically no one saw his movies and consequently he wasn't as famous as he thought he deserved to be. He had a gun and started taking people out on the quad. He had terrible teeth and a crazy look in his eye.
     Kristin found a loophole in the Settlement information on insurance that said we could get benefits if we were a couple, so we started dating.
     A girl from work was getting married. She had a processional, but it was very informal; there was no order (except she was first) and we picked up whoever along the way. We just walked around some mountains. Her dress was strapless. The bodice part was a boned corset. It was very pretty, except for the fact that the white satin dress had a layer of black tulle.
     I was made to go to church. Elijah Wood had also been so forced. We skipped out on the service and made out. After a few weeks of this, he took me home, and his parents praised me for getting him to be so religious. They also said I was pretty.

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