1, 2, 3 I WIN. Ahhh, what a good game. I played it today and I won. Specifically, I found out that Fucking Steve quit his job at the newspaper this summer, and has been unemployed and living at home ever since. What a loser. He's been out of school for 19 months, and he's been employed for less than 12. This isn't because finding jobs is hard or anything like that. He just doesn't want to work. He wants to wake up in the morning and sit outside and work on his motorcycle. He has absolutely no ambition. He doesn't want to face the harsh reality that he's 25 years old, living with his parents, and doing nothing with his life except bitching about how poor he is. Poor indeed--poor baby.

And, for fun, here's a picture of me wearing a sweater I made:

Please ignore the "I'm trying to be a model" pose.

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