I started a new scarf today. The stitch pattern goes quickly, but the yarn twists a lot and is therefore a bitch. But it's so soft; it feels like a t-shirt. I think I need to get more of it.

I went with Cassie on an expedition to find Adidas Rom Classics to make Team Zissou shoes. The Adidas outlet didn't have any; they had something close, a style called Dragon, but they only had one shoe in my size. They had no clue where the right shoe went. Because they are awesome.

Thursday: I have to go to the doctor to see if I need another shockwave therapy for my kidney stone. Hooray? Also: more x-rays. Also: maybe Ikea?

Friday: I'm going back to C-U to see my advisor to discuss going abroad.

Saturday: On to Madison to attend a taping of Prairie Home Companion

Sunday: Downtown Chicago with my mom to find fabric.

Monday and every weekday until I go back to school: Work. Blah.

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