Christopher Meloni was only a couple years older than me. He and Andy and I were all in a class together. We were supposed to be watching a movie, but "Chris" (as I called him) kept telling us a story. Andy tried to shush him so we wouldn't get in trouble, but Chris continued. The professor got mad and went to talk to him. He told her that a girl we know (Susan S. from HS) targets people and hurts them emotionally. The professor forcibly dragged him out of the room. Andy kept trying to put his arm around my waist and pull me closer, but I wouldn't let him.
Then Rob and his friends came to my dorm room to do their homework. They tried to act all surprised that it was my room, but they knew ahead of time. It was some plot by Rob but I don't know what it was supposed to accomplish. I was mad at them.
I had a crush on Christopher Meloni, so I looked up his phone number. I was about to call him, with the excuse being that I wanted to know what happened after the professor dragged him out of the room. I was going to ask him out. Then Richard Belzer came downstairs and made me do some leg stretches with him in the kitchen. He said it would improve my eyesight.
Then there was some weird thing where I was in an orchestral setting. I had to help one girl change the strings on her viola--she had switched the D and the A. I started pizzicatoing Verdi's Requiem, and I got one or two notes slightly out of tune because I'm not used to the viola's longer neck. Talia kind of winced when I played the out-of-tune note(s) and was like, "Well, it's cute that she tries to make music."

I need to stop watching 4 episodes of SVU a night. But I do wish that Christopher Meloni was only a couple years older than me and that he was a friend of mine. Mmmmhmmmm. He's only a few years younger than my parents, so I'll stop now.


Kristin said...

It would seem, Ms. Polley, that you are a little fixated on a certain TV detective.... Tho I second the thought.

Kerry said...

If Mr. Meloni were 20 years younger, I'd definitely be all over him. Rowr.